Club Code of Conduct Published


After quite a bit of investigation and disucssion, the Gators have published their “Code of Conduct”, the reason we have formalised a Code of Conduct is sumarrised in the following paragraph from the policy itself and be aware that we expect all members to adhere to this policy.

The image and reputation of any club is vital to its ongoing success and reflects the Club’s standing in the community and the cricket  world. Our “Code of Conduct” sets the standard of conduct required by our players, members and officials, as representatives of the Mountain Gate Cricket Club Inc. (MGCC). Club members and officials are expected to abide by our “Code of Conduct” while representing the club in any capacity, before, during and after a match or training and social functions.

The whole policy can be vieweed here, Code of Conduct, please familiarise yourself with it and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact anyone on the committee.