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Competition Award Winners

Season Event
1968/69 A RES     Lloyd Pearson wins competition bowling
1973/74 A RES     John Sargeant wins Ron Lomax medal
(Awarded to the Best & Fairest Player in the FTGDCA 2nd Grade of the FTGDCA)
1974/75 B RES     Anthony Harris wins competition bowling (avg. 7.72)
1975/76 A RES     Greg White wins competition bowling (avg. 11.12)
1979/80 Tony Sheehan wins Ron Lomax medal
1980/81 A RES     Runners up. Andrew Neville wins competition batting (avg. 83.66)
1981/82 Trafford Ellis wins Jack Feaver medal

(Awarded to the Best & Fairest Player https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/vente-viagra/ in the FTGDCA 1st Grade of the FTGDCA)

  David Harris wins competition    batting (avg. 76.00)
1982/83 B             Adrian Feeney https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/acheter-viagra-en-ligne/ wins competition batting (avg. 42.25)
1984/85 C             Wayne Robertson wins competition batting
1988/89 Anthony Beekhuyzen wins competition bowling (avg. 9.40)
  NR2        https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/generique-viagra/ Darren Trotter wins competition batting
1996/97 Graham Gamble wins competition bowling (avg. 10.20)

Graham Gamble wins Ron Lomax medal

1998/99 DEC 2     George Shaw wins competition bowling (avg. 7.08)
  DEC 3     Rick Lamers wins competition bowling (avg. 7.84)
1999/00 DEC 1     Eugene Thomas wins competition batting (avg. 43.87)
2000/01 TOP 2    Calvin Sheen wins competition bowling (avg. 11.72)
  DIV 7     Ashley Foote wins competition bowling (avg. 10.56)
2007/08 DIV 5     Leigh Rogers wins competition batting (avg. 75.00)
2011/12 DEC        Cameron Wheeler wins competition bowling (avg. 9.33)
2013-14 Cameron Wheeler wins Bob Parish Medal (Best Under 21 player FTGDCA)
2014-15 DEC        Cameron Wheeler wins Lomax Medal (tied B. Kulasena of Lysterfield)
  Cameron Wheeler wins Bob Parish Medal (Best Under 21 player FTGDCA)