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Club Patron

A patron is defined as: One who encourages or help a person, a cause, or a work, a furtherer and a promote; a person who protects, supports, or countenances, a defender, a advocate or a person of distinction under whom a person (or club) places himself / itself.

Therefore the role of the Club Patron can be summed up as – No 1 supporter, part promoter, who can be called upon at anytime for advice or guidance and someone who the members of the club hold the utmost respect for as an individual.

As a general rule, you only have one club patron at a time, they remain club patron either till death or they are no longer able to carry on with Patron duties. With this in mind most Patrons are in their later years of life, They no longer play but are a supporter who turns up to most games and functions.

Graham Archer

“Pooch”, as Graham is affectionately known around our club, was an obvious choice for our first Patron. Although Pooch, rarely plays these days, he regularly attends games and social functions, is always happy to help out around the club, is a life member and after many years of service to club, still serves on the committee.

Without club members like Pooch, clubs can’t survive, so, Graham is a more than worthy Patron.